ALBUM: Lil Yachty – Teenage Emotions

ALBUM: Lil Yachty - Teenage EMOTIONS (Zip MP3 DOWNLOAD)

The highly awaited studio album from American rapper and music artist Lil Yachty is now here, and it's called Teenage Emotions Album.

This gifted performer has once again demonstrated his capacity to enthrall audiences with his distinctive sound and catchy tunes.

Listeners of all ages will find something to love in Lil Yachty‘s “Teenage Emotions” album. The CD demonstrates his skill as a lyricist and his ability to establish an emotional connection with listeners. It's a stirring hymn that delves deep into the nuances of what it means to be a teenager in the modern world.

Enjoy below!

Lil Yachty Teenage Emotions album Tracklist

1. “Like a Star”

2. “DN Freestyle”

3. “Peek A Boo” Feat. Migos

4. “Dirty Mouth”

5. “Harley”

6. “All Around Me” Feat. YG & Kamaiyah

7. “Say My Name”

8. “All You Had to Say”

9. “Better” Feat. Stefflon Don

10. “Forever Young” Feat. Diplo

11. “Lady in Yellow”

12. “Moments in Time”

13. “Otha Shit” (Interlude)

14. “XMen” Feat. Evander Griim

15. “Bring It Back”

16. “Running With the Ghost” Feat. Grace

17. “FYI (I Know Now)”

18. “Priorities”

19. “No More”

20. “Made of Glass”

21. “Momma” (Outro) Feat. Sonyae Elise

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